"The Circle Girls is one of the most historically accurate novels dealing with the Salem Witch Trials that I have read in my twenty five years of teaching.  The details are woven into a fascinating retelling from the point of view of 15-year old Deliverance, who dreams the past events into her present high school intrigues.  Deliverance, as well as the other characters who populate the worlds of the 17th and 20th centuries, are craftfully and compellingly written.  The themes woven through the novel, such as standing up to bullies and staying true to one’s self, bear witness to the importance of morals both then and now.  Anya Novikov has written a very powerful story that not only tells of the past, but provides a moral compass for the future.  It is a book teens and their parents alike should read."

~Robin Fontana
Educator and Doctoral Candidate

Ventura County, California


"The Circle Girls: Once Upon A Witch by Anya Novikov is absolutely electrifying! From the very first sentence to the very last I was hooked. I literally couldn't stop reading and wondering what was going to happen next. Every time new similarities between Deli's life and dream girl Deliverance's life popped up I became more and more absorbed. The mystery dream boy Gabriel and Deli's handsome new neighbor Gabe kept me curious and anxious for more. The question of how and why Deli was having these peculiar dreams riddled me with curiosity. I continued to become increasingly engaged throughout. I laughed, cheered and even became a little frustrated for these characters. Although I thought I knew where it was going I could have never of guessed the turn of events. The Circle Girls has a beautifully powerful message and is a great read for any reader. I adored every second of it." 

~Reviewed by Jessica De La Cruz
Avid Reader, 22

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